The Pancake Chef in Action


9 dial settings from 1/2 oz - 3 oz
         Silver Dollar to King Size

Extra-wide hopper makes filling
         easy and neat

Comfortable handle, whole hand
         supports the lightweight hopper

Long-lasting double-wall construction

Assembly and Disassembly


Height: 12.25”

Diameter: 7.75”

Portion Settings: 9 from 1/2 oz to 3 oz
         (3” diameter to 6” diameter)

Capacity: 5.25 pounds

Machine Weight: 1.75 pounds

Construction: Aluminum,
         Kepital F20-03,
         Stainless Steel


With nine portion settings,
the Pancake Chef delivers perfect,
same-size pancakes, waffles
and waffle cones every time. 
Operating the Pancake Chef
is comfortable and quick.
The aluminum hopper is lightweight
and extra wide, making it easy
to fill and clean.
The Pancake Chef has
the only 5-year warranty in the industry.
Its long-lasting performance is
famous world-wide.