In 1996 Tom Belshaw and a group of associates with
over a hundred years of food equipment experience between them, founded Food Equipment Design in Seattle Washington.

Their goal was to design and manufacture a better pancake dispenser for the food service Industry.
Through the culmination of their knowledge and experience, these engineers and machinists developed the Pancake Chef, the best pancake dispenser on the
market today.

Made 100% in the USA.


The Pancake Chef’s patented, time tested design and precision construction, provides dependability and durability, that allows us to now offer a 5-year warranty.

One major improvement is that the Pancake Chef’s base is virtually dent-proof.

Another advantage is that the handle is mounted inside the hopper which protects it and adds stable alignment for all working parts.

The extra-wide hopper is a great feature as
well, making filling the hopper quick and clean.